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30 kreative Lampenideen

Liquid Light - Industrial Light Installations

Artistic looking faucet lamp. It’s designed as if there is water falling from the faucet which is actually the light itself.

Table lamp by 7Gods

Minimalist inspired white lamp. Simple, neat and consumes as little space as possible; perfect for those who want a lamp that can fit anywhere.

Woodspot Table Lamp by Seletti

Wooden desk lamp. The homey design and the abundant lighting the lamp offers make it a perfect study lamp.

Maniffattura Italiana Design Babele Lamp

Staircase inspired lamp. Designed to mimic a staircase going up a lighted stairway.

Minimalist Modular Desk Lamp Made of Cork – Kurk

A simple yet pretty looking lamp made out of cork material. It makes the lamp lighter and easier to move from one place to another.

Minimalist Table Lamp that can be Lit by Pulling the Top – Abre Lamp

Bottle lamp. A small and cute lamp that can be perfect for small study tables or desks.

Steampunk Steam Gauge Plumbing Lamp

Pipe inspired lamp. Detailed and creative lamp version of underground water pipes.


Simple bottle lamps with patterned cut out designs. Low light small lamps that give out beautiful shaped lights.

Wonderlamp is the result of a collaboration between two very distinct creative companies, Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans

Water bucket lamp. Innovative looking lamp wherein it creates an illusion of a floating bucket seems to be pouring water light into another bucket.


Sea shell inspired table lamp. If you love the sea and want to be reminded of it then this lamp will be perfect for you to gaze at.

Tulip Flower Lamp - Lale Çiçek Lambası

Flower vase lamp. A pretty flower vase lamp with a single flower emitting the light within its petals.

Unique Balancing Lamp in Bird Shape – Perch Light

Bird lamp. A lamp designed in a bird’s shape seemingly perched n a branch and projecting light from its body.

Unique Lamp Inspired by Campfire – Lampfire

Matchsticks inspired lamp. Artistic and definitely gives you a lot of light when you need it.

Unique Peeled Wood Table Lamp Design

Veil inspired table lamp. This lamp’s hood is draped over like a veil gently flowing down. It’s truly beautiful and elegant looking.


Two in one pillow and light lamp. Perfect for this who want to read while lying down and keeping the light not so dim yet not so bright.

wood wooden geometric lamps

Cute wooden lamp. Fastened at the joints, this lamp looks as though it was conventionally made by carpenters and looks absolutely creative.


Mini greenhouse lamp. Why not have a mini garden under your lamp and use the light from the lamp to illuminate the greenery; simple yet very pretty.

LED wall lamp by Cini&Nils

Abstract wall lamp. For those who don’t want to settle for simple lamps, you can install wall lamps that are designed like a smoke emitting soft light to illuminate the room.

Lovely Dog Lamp with Personality

Metal dog inspired lamp. A fun looking and cute dog lamp which has a body of metal connected at the joints by screws and uses the flex as the collar.

Gourd Lamps

Beautiful patterned lamp. Create wonderful patterns on your wall by making this pattern inspired lamp and create your own wonderland within the room.

HB Lamp

Quirky life size pencil lamp. If you want something unique in the room then this pencil lamp is perfect for you. The light is emitted from the pencil’s eraser part.

A Lamp Like a Match Stick

Life size matchstick lamp. Instead of producing fire, this adorable lamp gives off fluorescent light.

Amazing` Unique Table Lamp Designs With colorful circle lamp cover

Colorful screw lamps. Cute and definitely adorable looking lamps that come in different neon colors.

Como hacer una espectacular lampara con troncos

Life size wood lamp. If you’re going for the rustic look then this wood inspired lamp is great for your home with each light being emitted from each level of the cut.

Creative office lamps

Crane inspired lamp. A really cute small version of the crane lifting a light bulb which in turn provides the light for the lamp.


Galaxy inspired lamp. Do you want your room to look like a thousand galaxies have exploded on your wall? Making this lamp will be the best thing that you can do.


Wooden Chinese lamp. A lamp with a traditional twist to it. Simple yet it looks very symbolic and creates a great ambiance in the room.

Flexible Lamp Inspired of Creative and Playful Folding Paper Game

Origami inspired standing lamp. A cute and simple standing lamp that imitates an origami craft.

Giles Nepa Lamp

Life size wall lamp. Literally a space s

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